Wedding Videography in Cumbria

Video Option Three

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This is my smallest wedding videography option.
Coverage Includes:
  • Establishing shots, and The Groom's entourage.
  • Guests Arriving, and The Bride's entourage.
  • Ceremony & Readings.
  • Signing of The Register.
  • Unobtrusive filming of your guests.
  • Includes all scenic excursions before you sit down.(If required)

High Definition

I always film entirely in High Definition with two cameras. Keeping the motion very smooth with 50fps (frams per second) progressive throughout.

Approval Service

Choose your own music to accompany the video, and with our unique approval service your wedding film will be tailor made.
Easily save perfrect stills from your wedding film.
Wedding at Muncaster Castle taken on the steps