Wedding Video on USB

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USB Stick Drives

Imagine your wedding video in beautiful High Definition, complete with interactive menus all from a portable USB Stick Drive. We provide this as standard.

Simply Brilliant

USB stick drives are compatible with almost every device.
They not only do they allow you to stream your wedding video to your TV, but you can also share the mp4 files directly with friends and family, both near and far.
Easily copy the contents from your USB stick drive to your tablet or phone, and you will be carrying your wedding video everywhere you go!

View - Copy - Share

Take your USB stick drive to family visits, show it in the office, view on a train, or even upload to Social Media.
  • Plays in every browser or media player, and all modern televisions.
  • Easily extract still images.
  • Full personalised menus mimicking your wedding colours.
  • Includes a folder containing all your smooth motion (50fps mp4) video files.
  • View on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Make your own DVD or BluRay.
Cumbria Wedding on USB Stick Drive
Plug the USB Drive in to your computer.
USB Stick interactive menu
The interactive menu will appear in any browser.