Video Editing Service

GoPro, Mobiles, Camcorders

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Personal Video Editing

With our 20 years non-linear video editing experience, you can now benefit from our experience and have your own video footage professionally video edited.
Video footage from your Mobile Phone, GoPro, Camcorder, or still camera can now be professionally edited and delivered on a USB stick drive, or via We Transfere.

Video Editing Pricing

High Definition (1080p) or Standard Definition (576i) are both accepted with a fast turn around, normally between 2 to 4 days.
At Cumbria Video Editing Service we operate to a simple pricing plan at £20 per hour.
We will take your instructions, look at your footage, and then provide a great quote.

Graphics and Titles

Titles, graphics, music, logos, and still images can all be included.
(If you intend to upload to Social Media we reccomend non-copyright background music.)

Video Delivery

Delivery is on USB stick Drive, and also sent via We Transfere to facilitate easy download.
DVD is available as a £15 option.

View - Copy - Share

Take your USB stick drive to family visits, show it in the office, view on a train, or even upload to Social Media.
  • We provide two identical MP4 video files, one for your TV and one for sharing.
  • We accept video footage from GoPro, DashCam, Mobiles, Tablets, Camcorders, Pocket cameras, DSLR, and IPcameras.
  • View on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or modern TV.
  • Simply upload, post, or personally deliver your video footage for editing.
Mobile phone video editing
Plug the USB Drive in to your computer.
All mobile phone video accepted
Copy the MP4 video files or watch directly.