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Wedding Music Playlists

I cringe when clients create a pre-ordered Wedding Music Playlists for their wedding.
A pre ordered playlist, is a playlist written in the order in which the songs must be played.

For me, they take away continuity, guest request involvement, and DJ inspiration. They can also leave the dance-floor empty for unknown length of time, because the DJ no longer has any involvement in the selection of music being played.

Wedding Music Playlists

Happily it does not happen often, and most wedding couples will submit a playlist of songs to feature during their celebration.
When you book your event with Motiv-8 Disco, you are given your own secure area on our website where you can keep track of your event.

Wedding guests are also able to login and request three favourite songs. The Bride & Groom then have complete control over all requests along with any comments.

Playlists provide a real arsenal to fill the floor all tailored to you and your guests.
Whilst DJing I generally juggle about four to six songs ahead of what I’m currently playing. This allows my interaction, and judge how the guests are responding to the music that is being played, as well as taking into account other requests I’ve received on the night.

Reading The Dance Floor

There have been many occasions while reading a dance-floor, a song will suddenly pop into my head ‘that will work a treat’. Sometimes it might be a song that I haven’t played for ‘many moons’.
It’s like “fluid inspiration” when it comes to injecting a song between two requested songs from a client’s playlist to maintain a busy dance floor.

Clearing The Dance Floor

Transitioning into the wrong decade or genre can clear the floor.
An inexperienced DJ may panic when this happens and if it happens too often (excluding the playing of constant requests) your guests may lose confidence in the DJ, which will dampen the atmosphere.

A more experienced DJ will know it’s just part of the night and the backup plan should be engaged. Selecting a ‘classic’ song or a popular ballad can have amazing results.

Being Creative

It is very easy to just play huge popular songs from playlists that always get everyone dancing, but this can quickly become both boring and predictable.
However, finding a song that the audience will like, but have not heard for many years can produce a phenomenal reaction on the dance floor and literally have people running onto the dance floor screaming!!
This is a calculated risk and it isn’t guaranteed to work. But when it comes down to it, that is what DJing is about.

Music Tastes

At weddings there is often a vast age range and music tastes. Because of this no matter what genre of music is playing, there will almost certainly be at least one guest in the audience who doesn’t like it.
Therefore, unless your wedding music is themed, it is not a good idea to play too many songs from the same genre or era.

For example, I am playing some Motown and your guests are dancing and having a good time.
Now comes the tricky part deciding how many Motown songs to play, and weather or not to include a Northern Soul track? Also the impending quandary of when to change the music style? And just what to follow it with?
For me, I refer back to the playlists and other requests I’ve taken, because they contain the music direction.

At some weddings it is a gradual progression through the decades, slowly moving from the 1960s into the 70s, then to the 80s, to the 90s, etc, and eventually playing current chart music. At other weddings that would be a disaster, and a different approach would be to transition from chart music then selecting songs from the playlists by genre or popularity.
From leaving school, I have worked in overseas clubs and pubs. Since 1988 I have been a specialist wedding party DJ and later a videographer

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