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Wedding Microphone Hire

In November 2020, Motiv-8 Disco Cumbria received a European Union Kick Starter grant from Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

Bose S1 Speaker

The grant has been used to purchased PA equipment from Andersons, so Motiv-8 can provide Wedding PA hire with professional audio recording for speeches and ceremonies.

Wedding microphone hire or PA hire is necessary for weddings hosted in Barns, Marquees, Tipees, and outdoor settings.
Allowing your guests to hear every word of your ceremony.

Our Wedding PA Hire Service provides microphones, amplification, and recording facilities.

Wedding Microphone Hire

The system is battery powered and wireless too, which means the speakers can be placed carefully in any location without wires.
A lapel radio microphone is either worn by the groom or the person presiding the ceremony. A second microphone is used for readings etc.

Audio Recording

Tascam Sound Recorder

Family members often video record weddings. Our professional recordings provided on a standard SD card, will give your videographer perfect audio.

The audio recording will be gifted on the day, which will be a great keepsake.

Equipment list:
Bose S1 speakers
Sennheiser radio microphones.
Tascam SD audio recorder.
Allen & Heath Mixing (on-hand if needed.)

Don’t worry about batteries going flat. The Bose speaker batteries run for 7 hours, while Sennheiser radio microphones run even longer. Even the Tascam SD Audio Recorder is battery powered.

Fully Contained PA Hire

We require no venue assistance. We are fully contained, even with our own GoPac foldable table.