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Wedding Image DVD

Since the closure of our Wedding Video business, we have hundreds of wedding Image DVDs dating back to 2002.

We would like to gift each DVD to the respective Motiv-8 past client.

Sadly it’s not possible to contact our past clients due to GDP rules.

If we filmed your wedding DVD between 2003 and 2015, and you would like your wedding image DVD gift, please contact us ASAP.

Collections are free from our Workington address, with a small charge if you require posting.

MiniDV Tapes

Prior to 2003, camera quality back-ups were made to MiniDV tapes, these tapes are also available to each respective client free of charge. These tapes are were made directly from the editing timeline, therefore the picture quality is much better than a DVD.

USB Sticks

From 2015 onwards our wedding films were produced on menu driven USB sticks. Therefore no DVD image discs are available after 2014.

We reccomend Stu Rogers for your Wedding Film requirements at

We can not keep these discs, therefore at the end of January 2022 the remaining unclaimed discs will be destroyed. Some discs will never be claimed as those marriages may have ended.

Make Your Own Image Discs

You can make a image disc from your Motiv-8 Wedding DVD. Download DVD Lab Standard which is now freeware.
Follow the instructions to make a disc image. You will need a blank DVD+DL disc. This is a dual layer disco capable of holding double the amount of data a standard DVD can hold.