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Wedding DJ with Traktor software to better my DJ sets, to keep feet on the dance floor is a smart DJ choice.

At Motiv-8 Disco we are slowly moving away from traditional DJ playout software such as Virtual DJ. Such software will automatically mix the outro of the tune currently playing, to the intro of any song that the DJ has in the ‘to play area’.

Developers of traditional DJ apps often say, “Our software allows the DJ more time to concentrate on other areas of the show.” Yet these developers miss the point, because the music IS the main area, it IS the focal point of any party.

The mix at times can often sound like a bag of spanners, as the software tries unsuccessfully to mix Bon Jovi with George Benson.

Wedding DJ with Traktor Software
A typical Traktor layout, showing the remix decks

Mobile disco lighting will continue to flash and spin to the music un-aided.

Yet the these DJ apps require very little human involvement. The DJ will add songs to the ‘play area’, then every so often they will update the ‘play area’ with a song – And that is it.
The mixing often sounds mechanical, with no human involvement, and little feeling.
I feel it’s time to return to my roots of ‘old school’ style of manual DJing – Hands on, and activly in the mix.

Does this mean? Turntables and crossfaders? NO, absolutely not, although vinyl is making a big come back, and Panasonic is to revive their Technics SL-1200 turntable later this year.

Camalot Wheel

Traktor has a very steep learning curve that is definitely hands-on oriented, and not for those DJ’s who prefer to sit and watch their audience, chatter, or update their Facebook page.

I spent last October and November learning to mix harmonically assisted with midi timing.
Traktor allows the user to inject persussion, single drum beats, accapellas, effects and melodies at any time during any song, all perfectly synchronised to the beat in real-time.

The output is very smooth thus keeping feet firmly on the dance-floor, it is similar to a “continuous mash-up” featuring the tunes your guests have requested.

This new form of manual DJing is re-evolving with help from Native Instruments and Serato. Traktor from Native Instruments is used by top international DJ’s, such as Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold. 

I conducted a 15 minute ‘tryout’ with the new system, during a Ibiza party at the Armathwaite Hall Hotel in November 2015. Although it certainly had the WOW factor, and the dance-floor remained busy throughout – I did make a few errors!
The errors were due to older songs which have the extra human factor – A drummer. Unfortunately a (un-aided) human drummer can not keep perfect timing, and their drumming will drift in time. It’s not noticeable to the human ear, however midi DJ software like Serato and Traktor can not beatgrid when the drumming drifts in time.


All songs prior to 1995 have been re-ripped from my CD’s and DVD’s and adjusted in Ableton to correct human drummer drift (where possible.) 
I am now very pleased with the end results.

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