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Thousands of iconic music videos in HD quality

Motiv-8’s Music Video Library

The last few weeks have been busy!

Last year Universal Music announced in collaberation with Amazon and and later with youtube, the release of Thousands of iconic music videos in HD quality.

By January over a thousand Universal Music Videos had been given the HD treatment. Which at the same time licencing was granted to many on-line DJ music video resellers.
This has been great news for the whole VDJ industry. And during the current ’15 month holiday’, we at Motiv-8 have been busy updating our Music Video Library.
For the large part the grain has gone! Rick Astley, Lional Richie, Taylor Swift, Freddie Mercury, and many more are now in glorious High Definition.

Rick Astley's iconic music video

Looking at the quality, Universal have gone back to their original masters. The picture quality is almost stunning for a upgrade, and the audio has not been forgotten either.

For VDJ’s the audio is more importaint than picture quality. I’m happy to post the audio is top notch. (Although not noticable on Youtube due to their low audio encoding.)

Our Thoughts

We downloaded Taylor Swift’s Shake it music video from a licenced VDJ video pool, and found the audio was a massive opus encoded 480kbps at 48khz. Which is high for compressed audio. In comparison you will find Youtube is about 96kbps.

Although some music videos are a little picture soft, the overall upgrade is remarkable. With their fresh look these iconic music videos in HD are greatly appreciated.

OtsAV DJ App

We play our Music Videos via OtsAV.
Motiv-8 has used OtsAV DJ software for 29 years. The reliability is second to none. Only ever crashing once, due to a wrong setting.
OtsAV is seldom updated, therefore the user interface (GUI) is a little dated, however under the hood there is a sleek workhorse running on minimal resources. Therefore, mixing two HD videos back to back with transitions is a breeze.
OtsAV has a built in server, which we use to display, “Now Playing” messages on our large screens.
MPG2 video and karaoke CD+G files play beautifully, and with built-in audio compression the sound is amazing too!

Ots software doesn’t have the bells and whistle which Traktor has, but it is far far more reliable.

DJ Video Pools

DJ’s have a nice choice from various video pools, some offring monthly subscriptions, while with others you buy credits to download.
The massive plus is the licencing. Downloads from reptuable video pools like VJ street and Xtendamix include Public Performance Licencing of each video they host.

All our music videos have now been re-encoded, and where possible in High Definition.