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PayPal Payments

Unfortunatly we will be removing the PayPal Payments option from our clients web portal early next year.

Paypal business fees have become far too expensive as a viable payment option.

Their current fees are 5%. Which means each booking costs us approx £17.00.

In contrast card payments, which are processed through Stripe are between 1.5% and 2.0% depending on the card type.

Paypal Logo

Stripe is quickly becoming the web standard processor for card payments. Stripe is used by thousands of companies from Amazon, BMW, to

Furthermore, PayPal customers are required to have a bank card linked to their account. This is to factilitate a payment should there be insufficiant funds available.

Therefore every PayPal account holder has the means to pay using their bank card.

Our preference at Motiv-8 Disco Cumbria is straight forward Bank Transferes. This is when payments are made through your banking app, using an account number and sort code.

We also accept Apple and Google Pay.

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