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DJ Party Requests

We have been working hard during this January 2022, moving our live on-the-night DJ party requests system online.

Windows iis Webserver

For the past 11 years on-the-night digital DJ party request have been hosted flawlessly from a local Windows web server with no DJ intervention what-so-ever.


During early 2019, Google introduced extra sercuity to their Chrome Browser. One new feature is a warning about visiting none-SSL (none secure) websites.

This addition by Google, and other developers such as Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari blocks the users from visiting a website without a SSL certificate with a strong warning.


furthermore, if a website does not have a permanant internet connection then it is not possible to buy a SSL certificate.

Digital Requests
Digital Requests

On-the-night digital requests were ran from a seperate laptop, without internet connection using Windows built-in webserver.

Why not use venue WiFi? 

Many venues have captive portals which we were not given access.

And quite often they are slow, which isn’t ideal.

Online Interactive Requests

This amazing party requests update includes a new database to hold the requests.

New secure folders to store photos, videos, and music files.


We have developed the app with mobile devices given priority, and kept the design simple to use.

Requests Login
Requests Login

Just a simple password is required to accees the interactive request app.

The password is displayed on the night.


When a new password is made, old passwords are deleted. Therefore past guests can not gain access.

This page is where music requests are carried out.


Again we have kept to a simple layout.

With added profanity filters, all that is required is the Artist, Song Title, and Your Name. Then simply press Send.

Music Requests
Party Requests
Send Photo, Video, or Music

Selfie photos, videos, and music files may also be uploaded. Photos and video will be shown later on the large TVs or projector for all to view and enjoy.


After your media are displayed, they are fully deleted from the web-server.

And at the end of the night all media is presented to the organiser. (Usually the happy couple.)

The formats we allow are Jpg, Jpeg, Tif, Png, Mp4, and Heic.


Music files are also accepted for inclusion during your event. Sadly Apple devices can not share music files, however we still allow m4a music files. Other music formats are Mp3, Flac, and Opus.


We will display the password and a QR code to scan on screen, this will take you direct to the login on our secure website.

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