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How to book a good wedding DJ

How to book a good wedding DJ Wedding Last week, I got chatting to a old Keswick school friend who had recently re-married in Derbyshire. The conversation was about her wedding, and loooking back at which suppliers she would have changed with hindsight. All of which I found refreshing. “Firstly” she said, “I remember receiving a ‘save …

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Wedding Music Playlists

I cringe when clients create a pre-ordered Wedding Music Playlists for their wedding.A pre ordered playlist, is a playlist written in the order in which the songs must be played. For me, they take away continuity, guest request involvement, and DJ inspiration. They can also leave the dance-floor empty for unknown length of time, because …

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How to choose good music

How to choose the correct DJ music is having solid a structure of floor fillers, and a client playlist with choices that has been created prior using the on-line planning tools. How to choose It is essential to tailor the music to suit the guests on the night. This means keeping a watchful eye on …

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