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NiteBeat Disco has a fresh look

Nitebeat Disco looking smart
NiteBeat Disco With It's Fresh Look

NiteBeat Disco has a fresh look with a retro feel.

We have added new lighting to give NiteBeat disco a fresh vibe.

The new lighting produces array of pastel colours and gobo patterns.

These lights span 160 degrees in width, filling most dance floors with soft colourful light. Bouncing and rotating to the music.

Book at today’s great price and be amazed by the fresh look and atmosphere they create.

Fully DMX controlled, meaning the lights are easily dimmed and patterns adjusted via a dedicated light controller tablet.

Client Portal Update

dj with apple pay and car payments

The client planning portal is my personal project, with regular updates and new features.

During the few months the following features have been added.


  1. Small pop-up help boxes added to each menu item.
  2. Speech recognition for searching artist and titles.
  3. Proforma invoicing for business to business bookings.
  4. Simpler payments layout with Card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  5. Added security layer. Users must now use the popup calendar during login.
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