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Motiv-8 WebSite Update

We have made many changes to our Motiv-8 WebSite.

Website Changes

Client Portal Changes

We have retired the name NiteBeat Disco.

It is now named Advance Disco Silver. They are the same disco with it’s amazing lighting, EV array sound system, and client pre-planning portal.

We have added more detail about our disco  add-on options, with a fast and simple comparision table between Advance Disco Gold and Advance Disco Silver.

New photos of Advance Disco Silver are added weekly.

We will be selling the large LiteConsole DJ booth from Advance Disco Gold in the new year. After both discos will share Advance Disco Silver’s LiteConsole booth. Please see photos are they are added to our website and social media pages.

We now accept Tidal playlists. Tidal has been integrated into our DJ software. However Beatgrids are not supported, therefore we can’t beat-mix those tunes.

You can transfere playlists between Tital and any other provider with

The included Client Planning Portal now shares the same database we use in our office, therefore all information about your party or event is shared between us – Nothing is hidden.

Advance Disco Silver now has more add-on options, which can be booked within your client portal. The extra costs are added to your balance, which must be settled two days prior to your event.

After you book any Motiv-8 service, we will send by email your booking acknowledgment, and this now includes your PDF booking agreement by attachment.

All receipts, booking agreement, portable applience tests (PAT), and public liability insurance (PLI) are all included in the documents page within your portal.

Remember your portal will logout 48 hours prior to your event.


We have updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect changing attitudes.

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