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Motiv-8 Disco Updates and Future Plans

Future Plans

Motiv-8 Disco updates during this (Covid-19) quiet time.
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Motiv-8 Disco updates

The Interactive Chridren’s Games is now a add-on option for Christening Parties.

The Children’s Interavtive Games will entertain children five years upwards.

All the games are controlled by hand movements.

A 102cm TV will be used, rather than projection.
For this optional add-on venues must have a front facing stage.

Client Planning Tools

The Client Planning Tools are live, with regular update from ideas and suggestion provided by our clients to make the tools even better.
For example; in March a customer mentioned a Facebook login, and this will be inplimented this week.

We now have plans to repackage, and sell to single operator DJ’s on a subscription basis. Much of the coding for this is inplace, and we are now deciding how to structure the databases to work efficiently and securely. The implementation of control panels, and settings, will be completed during the few months.
We estimate this new service will be ready early 2021. Pricing will £60 yearly.

NiteBeat Disco Re-design

NiteBeat Disco has a fresh look. The foldable table is gone, replaced by a LiteConsole Go DJ booth.
NiteBeat Disco is now truly Advance Discos little brother. Both discos now sharing the same stylish look. NiteBeat remains smaller and we’re keeping the same low pricing model.

Wedding Videos

Plans to discontinue filming Wedding Videos at the end of 2020 are on hold due to Covid-19. July 2021 is looking more realistic.
Wedding videos are no longer feasible for Motiv-8, as many photographers (at the turn of a camera dial) offer a similar, (less comprehevsive) service at lower costs than a dedicated videographer.
Motiv-8 will still provide wedding video services too those clients who have transfered their booking to 2021. However we won’t be accepting fresh wedding video bookings.

We will continue to film event videos while DJing.

Advance Disco Package

We are enhancing the Advance Disco Package with a new video screen for 2021 onwards. The built-in screen will disappear, and be replaced with a 102cm TV mounted on a seperate dedicated stand. This will speed setup times, and provide better quality images.