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 Contact Us is undergoing a major website update, and will be ready during April 2017.

This is the second update in three years, mainly in order to keep pace with search engine technologies and ranking.

I have moved my blog from Google Blogger to the main website, and although the main site is organically hard coded in html, I found blog coding a little over my capabilities, therefore I installed WordPress for the Blog.

I used a child theme, thus giving me the advantage of customisation, adding in-house menus and styles. The blog is now running with all past articals fetched over from Blogger.

website update blog page

The design is clean & clear with Bootstrap CSS. I kept the small images on the top bar and reduced the number to three, although in time I may omit those too.

Logo, images, headers and telephone details are all at the top in the Header Bar.

Below the Header Bar is a new navigation bar, based on the previous Microsoft mega-menu – which I have always liked. (More on the navigation later.)

The homepage page carries Motiv-8’s sample video which is situated under the navigation bar, it has been specially re-encoded at the correct resolution for the homepage.

The text text has not been changed, however there will be plenty of fresh photos.

The navigation is my little piece of joy. Hours have been spent after downloading a child menu-bootstrap template.


The new navigationbar spans the entire page area, and nicely polished in company colours too.

Website Navigation

The page layout is approxitmatly 80% of the screen width. I looked at a full width page, but I wanted to use the fibre-optic pictures again on either side.

Much of the java code has been adjusted and moved to a central file. All CSS is also in a bootstrap central file.

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