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Client Planning Tools Update

Planning Tools Update 

We have reformatted the Client Planning Tools, to make the printed copies we use on the night easier to read in low or poor lighting conditions.

This action has resulted in a number of database fields being renamed, thus some information has been lost.

We ask our future clients to check and update their Client Planning Tools.

Our Issue

Client Planning Tools Update

Our Planning Tools Provider is Intelligence Inc.

The main issue we have with Intelligence Inc is their annual fees double if we want our DJ Planning Tools to be responsive and mobile friendly.

According to Google 82% of web internet users access the web through a mobile phone or tablet. We think Intelligence Inc is treating their customers unfairly. Because every website is designed to be mobile friendly. Particually as tools such as WordPress and Bootstrap design for both desktop and mobile behind the scenes, without the web page designer knowing about it.

Also, Intelligence Inc’s formatting of pages is non-existent. There isn’t even the option to enlarge text on the printed DJ reports we use while DJing. Thus makes general reading in a live situation difficult in low lighting conditions.

Our Exciting Plans

Currently, we are writing our own Client Planning System. It is slow going, and will take many months. Code is written in HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, and then piping the server-side code through JSON.

Work has started with the music database, and the music request system. I bought DataTables framework, and began custom coding on top. But finding it has limitations.

I’m hoping to have sonething up and running by December 2019. With a emphesis on well designed reports, mobile friendly, and easy of use.

This is the music Database far. Editing controls are next.