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How to choose the correct DJ music is having solid a structure of floor fillers, and a client playlist with choices that has been created prior using the on-line planning tools.

How to choose

It is essential to tailor the music to suit the guests on the night. This means keeping a watchful eye on how guests on the dance floor respond to the music genres.
Motiv-8 Disco does not provide a one-size-fits-all strategy, which is perhaps one of the reasons we have been so successful over the last 35 years.

Weddings & Age Groups

How to choose the correct DJ music
Partying at Maryport Social Club

Both reliable dance floor fillers and the tunes I include from our clients playlists, have to be carefully chosen and played at the right time.
I include DJ music for a wide age range, and it is important that the songs I play are well known to most guests during the evening.
At weddings, the average age on the dance floor is usually a little older during the first half of the evening than it is in the latter half. So this reflects on the songs that are chosen.

Wedding Music & Other Factors

Sometimes selecting songs has nothing to do with age. If 120 wedding guests are responding particularly well to Soul and Funk music, then I may perhaps play a couple more songs from those genres. 
I will still play plenty of indie and pop as well, but the dance floor response of your guests will change the emphasis placed on the different styles of music that I have selected.

DJ Chatter

As a general rule of thumb, after the formal introductions and the bridal dances have taken place, I introduce the DJ music, ad-lib a little and encourage guests onto the dance floor.  Once the dance floor is busy and sustained, I naturally move into a mix set featuring both client and guests requests to keep the dance floor full. During this time the microphone is not used.

Will Guests Know What Your Playing?

Some songs are instant classics such as Uptown Funk. This tune will probably remain a wedding classic for quite some time to come. It is well-loved and great to dance to.

Playing the right song at the right time is very important. Some songs are great, while others are great for background music during your food, and so on.
The underlying question that guides us through all of these decisions is essentially quite simple: Which song from your playlists will get the best dance floor response from the guests on the night?
As a professional wedding DJ, I want to make your celebration a big success as possible. That’s what makes me happy.

Sound Quality & Volume

The sound quality is much more important than volume.
All our music is multi-band compressed live as it plays. This is the same process used by radio to maintain the same volume level between different songs.
It also provides a fuller, richer sound, without volume drift, and exceptionally smooth sound quality.

Our Sound Equipment

The sound system we use is from elite manufactures. 
(I will provide web links for extra reading.)
The Karaoke mixer is made by Allan and Heath

Microphones are Shure Beta 58 for Karaoke
DJ mixer/controller is Native Instruments
All of the above is very high quality and costs many thousand pounds. Just one pair of Nexo speakers would lighten your pocket by £1,600.
It is true we could buy cheaper, but then it would not have the same smooth extended quality sound.

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