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Event Planning from Motiv-8

Although the work on Motiv-8’s new in-house Event Planning has slowed over the past few months, I still manage about 15 hours a week, and progress is steady.

Main Client Screen

Event Planning from Motiv-8

This is the main client booking screen. As you can see there are a few minor layout issues to correct, however the page is fully working with paypal payments. Full event details, add-on options, and personal event details area.

Song and Photo Uploads

Event Planning

Photos and songs can also be uploaded.

File formats include MP3, M4a, Flac, Jpg, Png, and Tif.

This will provide a simple service to our clients rather than 3rd party services such as We Transfere.

The Documents tab is provided for easy download, and printing of event documents. Public Liability, PAT Electrical Safety Tests, Contract, and Receipts. All in standard internet PDF format.

Different Planners

Comprehensive client panning is available, and the template is selected by the system from the event type. Which means, if the client changes their event type from say a Birthday Party to a Family Event then the correct planning form will be shown with no loss of data.


Each page is secure, using a combination of Sessions and Variables. Passwords saved as a 128bit hash – Even we can’t see your password – Just a garbled bunch of characters!
The Event Planning site does not use cookies. However Javascript will need to be enabled in your browser.

The Admin area has a similar feel.
Still to impliment: Music planning, guest requests via a share tag, send notifications for easy communication.

Interactive Requests

In the pipeline for next year is a major update to the On-The-Night interactive request system. 10 years ago when I developed it venues did not have in-house WiFi. Consequently, it was developed around a Small Area Network which of course has no phone connection, therefore does not have access to the internet.
10 years ago this was not a problem. Today is a different ball game with both Android and Apple automatically swapping WiFi networks to those with internet connections. Therefore disconnecting connection to the Motiv-8 Network (unless the user sets it otherwise.)
The update will connect to the Internet via the Motiv-8 web site. It will allow all the current capabilities, and be designed for mobile only.