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DJ with Apple Pay and Card payments

A few years ago nobody paid their mobile dj with Apple Pay or with Card Payments, it was however more common to pay a mobile DJ via cheque or cash on the night.

Many DJ’s could not accept card payments without a business bank account.

Even today there are still a few DJ’s who only accept cash, however they are now a minority.

A business bank account is a must for any company, not just for taking payments. Book keeping is much easier and your company is also seen as a reputable business.

Here at Motiv-8 Disco Cumbria, we have accepted Visa and Credit card payments for twenty years, via a PDQ payments machine, and more recently with Paypal.

Paypal Payments

Motiv-8 will scrap Paypal payments in 2024. Paypal charge a commission of 4.2% which is non-refundable, even if we provide a customer refund.

We have not accepted cheque payments since 2017.

Our customers can now setting their accounts with Apple Pay and Card payments. All Uk cards are accepted. And we also accept Direct Bank transfers which is still our prefered method.

Apple Pay With Stripe

dj with apple pay and car payments
Apple pay and card payments

Stripe is our secure payments provider. They are the backbone for many types of web and eCommerce payments.

Once an electronic payment is made within your client planning portal, it is displayed in real time, and receipt documentation is made available within the documents page.

Race Night Payments

Our Race Night clients can still pay cash on the night, or login to the client portal and make their payment.

Secure Card Payments Gateway

Motiv-8 payments gateway via Stripe
Motiv-8 payments gateway via Stripe

You are able to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Visa Card.

Apple Pay or Google Pay will appear if a you are signed up for the service and you are logged in on a mobile device.

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