Guest Requests Made Easy

Guest requests made easy when you book your event with Motiv-8.


You will be sent a password with link to your Client Planning Portal.


The portal tools will help you to keep track of your event. You will be able to submit prior to the night music requests, and provide Motiv-8 with essential planning information.


You will have the option to involve your guests during your music planning. This has great potential, because guests will only dance to the songs they know and love.


(You will always have full control, allowing you to delete any guest request.)


Client Planning Tools: Login Here

Client Requests
The Request Area

Search by song title or artist name. For example, ‘Bruno m’ for all songs by ‘Bruno Mars’.

Then add the required song to one of two lists using the coloured buttons.

  • Pink: Love to play
  • Red: Do not play

Each request is saved in real time.

We guarantee to have the music you request. If you can not find a song, simply add the song to the custom list and we will buy it – It’s that simple!


To help with your music selections, we have a top 30 chart of our most requested songs which you may find useful here. Most Requested Songs.

DJ Request System Love to play
DJ Music Reqests Made Easy

If you decide not to use the request tools, we will place request tickets with pens on each table during your event to ensure your guests can easily make requests.


If you have booked Advance Disco Gold, your guests may request songs using their mobile phones during the evening.


The orange button, Play if Possible has been discontinuted.

Verbal Requests Are Welcome

We also accept verbal music requests during the evening. (Unless you state otherwise.)

Once all verbal requests have been played, We will revert back to your playlist.

Wedding Photos With Advance Disco Gold

Wedding guests will have the option to send wedding photos they have taken during your day.

These photos are shown on screen for everyone to enjoy. 

(Each photo is prior checked, and rotated if needed.)

Music Streaming With Tidal

We accept accept Tidal playlists. Tidal provides DJ’s with un-compressed 24bit audio.

You may like to transfer your playlist to a Tidal Playlist here:

All your event details are kept within your secure portal, thus enables both parties to share the same information.

After searching, any song not found, please add to the “Custom Requests” and we will do the rest.
Please remember when making your playlist, to include songs which will get your guests out on the dance floor. Your guests will only dance to the songs they know and love.

We reserve the right to deviate from a specific playlist if it is in the interest of maintaining the dance floor.

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