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New Client Planning Tools Development

The development of our in-house client planning tools is going slowly.
PHP can be written in two varieties, PDO and Procedual. We prefer PDO, which we’re learning while coding the syetem.

Motiv-8 News Letter 2019
Client logon Screen with Event Date and Password

We now have the logon security in place, and the client menu.. Next is the Admin calandar / diary for events.
We thought about allowing future customers book their own events, and go on to pay their deposit. But this could result in bookings miles from Cumbria.

Event Videos

We’re not happy uploading event videos to social media, it is problematic with music copyright with videos being muted as a result.
Therefore, we are ceasing the uploading of event videos to Facebook until we can figure out a work-a-round.

Upon request, we will forward event videos directly to the client a few days their event as a thank you gift for their business.

Social Media photo collage

we will continue to share event photo collages to Facebook and other Social Media sites.


We spend upwards of three hours editing and encoding event videos, ans we hope our future clients will appreciate this extra bonus.