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New Client Planning Tools Development

The development of our in-house client planning tools is going slowly.
PHP can be written in two varieties, PDO and Procedual. I grasp Procedual, but I prefer PDO, which I am learning as I code the syetem.

Motiv-8 News Letter 2019
Client logon Screen with Event Date and Password

I now have the logon security in place, and the client menu forms. Next is the Admin calandar / diary for events.
I thought about allowing future customers book their own events, then go on to pay their deposit. But this could result in a bookings miles from Cumbria.

Event Videos

I’m not been happy uploading event videos to social media, it is problematic with music copyrights and videos being muted as a result.
Therefore, I’m ceasing the uploading of event videos to Facebook until I can figure out an alternative.

Social Media photo collage

I will continue to share event photo collages to Facebook and other Social Media sites.

Upon request, I will forward event videos directly to the client a few weeks following their event as guesture of appreciation of their business.

My partner films most event videos, then afterwards I can spend upwards of three hours editing and encoding to MP4.
I hope my future clients will appreciate this extra bonus.