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Following many years of gifting Disco Event Videos to my clients. I am updating this service.

Over the past few years I have filmed hundreds of events in Cumbrian venues, such as wedding discos and birthday parties using a mobile phone.
After editing I try to restore the audio, because phone videos suffer from poor audio, to pixalated zooming.

Once posted to Motiv-8’s Facebook Page, my clients would receive the same lower resolution copy of the video.

What is new?

As a professional video editor for over 20 years, the editing of these small Disco Event Videos will be enhanced with Dolby 2:1 audio.
My lovely clients will still receive the lower resolution copy which is posted to Facebook, with the option to buy the full length HD version for £30.00 

Disco event videos filmed with this camera.

Motiv-8 has invested in a Sony RX 100M5 camera for the filming of Disco Event Videos. These little cameras provide great sound quality, and amazing video.
If you buy your full length event video, you will have your disco memories in 50fps 1080p HD, and Dolby audio.  Great vaule for money at £30.00

Buy your Event VideoFree Event Video
1920 x 1080p Full HD quality720 x 405p Facebook quality
Dolby 2.1 AudioAAC Stereo
Full Duration (average 5-10mins)Average 2 mins duration
Cost: £30.00Cost: Free

The cost is to cover the time we spend editing, encoding, and provide a better product for our clients.

The free Disco Event Videos are gifted to my clients as a thank you guesture. 
I will not film any footage of your event if you ask not to.