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Motiv-8 Disco Addons

Addons & Options

Motiv-8 Disco Addons

Addons & Options

Wedding PA Hire

Presenting a wedding speech is daunting at the best of times, and raising your voice to be heard adds to the worry.
With a wedding PA service nobody will miss the Bestman's joke or punch line. Yet whoever is talking will have confidence they are being heard.
The Wedding PA Hire package consists of:
  • A dedicated hand-held EV radio microphone.
  • Discreet Bose (bluetooth capable) speakers.
  • Tie-clip Sennheiser microphone.
  • Gentle background music played during meals.
  • WAV or BWAV sound recording on SD card.
Electro Voice Handheld Mic with Sennheiser Transmitter
The wedding PA service is linked to a digital sound recorder, and professional audio can be delivered (free of charge) to videographers, or you may like to keep the audio as a keepsake!

Photo Selfie Frame

The Selfie Photo Frame is complete with the Prop Box, which contains;
    ✔ Hats. ✔ Inflatable Saxes & Guitars. ✔ Various Wigs. ✔ Medals. ✔ Glasses (Elton John, Dame Edna Everage.) ✔ Ken Dodd Tickling Sticks. ✔ Garlands. ✔ Capes (Elvis Presley, etc.) ✔ Maraccas, and other items.
Included with Advance Disco Package.
A group of wedding guests holding the photo selfie frame
The Photo Selfie Frame

Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is so simple to organise.
The bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Each removes their shoes, and the groom holds his own shoe and one of the bride's, and vice versa for the bride.
Questions are read out aloud for the entire wedding party to hear.
In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person who the answer to the question best represents.
A few preset questions are:
  • Who is up first in the morning?
  • Who footed the bill on the first date?
  • Who apologises first after an argument?
  • Who said, "I love you" first?
A group of wedding guests holding the photo selfie frame

Wedding Bingo

In countries like Germany it is traditional to include wedding games, because they encourage guests to mix.
Motiv-8's wedding host will fully compare bingo during the bestman's wedding speech.
Quick Instructions:
  1. Let us know 25 phrases that will be mentioned during the bestman's speech. (We can chat with your bestman a few days prior to obtain these.)
  2. We will print the cards. Then before your meal we will place one card at every other place setting, with a pen. (This provides a talking point for your guests.)
  3. You will need to arrange a couple of prizes for the winners. We suggest a bottle of champagne or drinks.
  4. Before the speeches we will explain how it will work, and the rules of the game.
Your guests will need to keep their ears peeled for the phrases or clich├ęs on their card. Then mark off each one as it is spoken.
The first person to shout BINGO with a full line or house wins.
wedding speech bingo card

Quick Photos

wedding speech bingo card
I love to take quick photos and short videos of guests dancing.
The photos are instantly shown on screen for everyone to view and enjoy.
Following your event the original camera photos, and a small event video will be sent as a thank you gift.
Inc with Advance Disco Package.

The Dance Off

Dance off at the Broadoaks Hotel.
This one often happens naturally.
There comes a time when things can only be solved with a good old-fashioned dance off.
You know the rules: men on one side, ladies on the other, and anything goes.
Spontaneously part of any night. 😃

Birthday Photos

Dance off at the Broadoaks Hotel.
Rather than scattering printed photographs around the walls, turn them into a real focal point with a slideshow for all to enjoy.
Send your photos to Motiv-8 via We Transfere or upload using the Client planning tools.
Inc with Advance Disco Package.

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