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Photo Selfie Frame

The Selfie Photo Frame is complete with our fully loaded Prop Box, which contains;
  1.   Hats.
      Inflatable Saxes & Guitars.
      Various Wigs.
      Glasses (Elton John, Dame Edna Everage.)
      Capes (Elvis Presley, etc.)
      Maraccas, and other items.
If you have booked the Advance Disco Gold your guests may upload their selfies to our secure web server so they can be displayed on screen.
Wedding day photos or early years photos during Birthday Parties can also be shown on screen.
Optional with both Advance Discos.
A group of wedding guests holding the photo selfie frame
The Photo Selfie Frame

Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is simple to organise.
The bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Each person removes their shoes. The groom holds his own shoe and one of the brides, and vice versa for the bride.
Questions are read out aloud for the entire wedding party to hear.
In response, each person raise the shoe of the person who the answer to the question best represents.
A few example questions:
  • Who is up first in the morning?
  • Who footed the bill on the first date?
  • Who apologises first after an argument?
  • Who said, "I love you" first?
Free with our disco. Selectable within your DJ Planner.
A group of wedding guests holding the photo selfie frame
The Shoe Game

Selfie Photos

Bridemaids take a selfie photo
Bridesmaids taking a selfie
We love to take quick photos and short videos of guests dancing. These photos are instantly shown on screen for everyone to view and enjoy.
Following your event the original photos, and a small event video will be sent as a thank you gift.
Included with Advance Disco Gold.

The Dance Off

Dance off at the Broadoaks Hotel.
Copy this move!
This one often happens naturally.
There comes a time when things can only be solved with a good old-fashioned dance off.
You know the rules: men on one side, ladies on the other, and anything goes.
Spontaneously part of any night.

Birthday Photos

Birthday photos shown on the big screen.
Your Photos Displayed
Rather than scattering printed photographs around the walls, turn them into a real focal point with a slideshow for all to enjoy.
Send your photos to Motiv-8 via We Transfere or upload from within your client portal.
Included with Advance Disco Gold.
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