PA equipment hire with crystal clear sound for your wedding speeches.

Wedding PA Hire

Public Address Hire

PA Hire for Weddings

Presenting a wedding speech is daunting experience, and raising your voice to be heard adds distress.
Hiring a wedding PA system for your wedding will ensure that all your guests can hear the best man's joke or punch line clearly.
Better still those making speeches will have confidence knowing they are being heard.
Shure microphone with body transmitter

The PA Hire Package Includes:

  • Hand-held Sennheiser radio microphones.
  • Discreet Bose wireless speakers.
  • Background music played before and during your wedding breakfast.
  • Free sound recording provided.
The Wedding PA hire is linked to a digital sound recorder, and professional audio is provided free of charge to videographers, or as a audio keepsake!

Manned & Fully Contained

We specialise in the hire of professional sound equipment for wedding speeches.
Our PA equipment hire is manned throught the hire. Eliminating complex tasks and stress on your wedding day.
The wedding PA service includes:
  • Transport to your venue.
  • Set-up of all equipment.
  • Fully manned with technical know-how.
  • Discreet Bose speakers.
  • Sennheiser or Shure microphone.
  • Audio recording (WAV format).
  • Clean and clear sound reproduction.
Bose S1 speaker with Wennheiser Radi Mic
Bose Speaker and Microphone

Extra Details

Each Bose speaker has enough power even for a large marquees or tipis.
Sitting approximately 40cm in height, each speaker will run for 7 hours before re-charging.
PA speakers are normally placed in the corners of a typical room, and radio linked to each other, therefore no cabling is used.
No need obtaining Portable Applience Certificates to venue holders.

Bose Speakers

Bose S1 Speaker for wedding PA
The Bose S1 Pro system is an amazing small speaker and great in multiples for wedding speeches.
Totally wireless with a rechargeable battery providing up to 7 hours of play time.
Sound quality and projection is second-to-none, and distortion free - Guarenteed.

Sennheiser Transmitter

Sennheiser Transmitter SKP 500 G4.
The Sennheiser G4 Transmitter allows any microphone to become a radio microphone.
This gives us the freedom to select the best microphone to speaker match.
With a range of up to 100 meters from the closest speaker, you can be confident it will not cut-out.
Up to 8 hours operation time - Plenty for any wedding speech!

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