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Health and Safety

Health and safety is important to us all.
Our equipment is annually (PAT) tested in accordance with the Electricity at Work Act 1989. A copy of our Public Liability Insurance and PAT certificates are provided within every clients Planning Tools. A Link is provided here: Client Planning Tools.
Most venues now insist entertainers have both PLI & PAT certificates, therefore it is worth checking all your entertainers are covered - Otherwise your venue may turn-away your entertainment without notice.
Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, but in todays world of "no win, no fee" legal cases, it has become a necessity.
If you book entertainment without Public Liability Insurance and something goes wrong due to negligence, the courts will turn to the entertainer first. If the entertainer does not have cover, they will then turn to the venue owners.
Concisely, you will be pleased to know Motiv-8 Disco Cumbria has full Public Liability Insurance which protects you and your guests.
All our equipment including the cables and plugs are annually tested for electrical safety.
Please forward the certificates for inspection to any venue holders should they ask prior.
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Let Your Enjoyment Be Our Pleasure!