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Frequently Asked Questions

We will endevour to answer common questions here. But if you have other questions please get in touch.

Are You Available On My Date?

Please use the Availability Checker on this web site. It is directly linked to the smae Database we use. The direct link Availability Check.

What Music Will You Play?

It's your choice. Every client has access to their planning portal to create prior playlists. We also welcome music requests on the night.
Alternatively you can tap into our specialist DJ music knowledge of Ballads, Garage, Hip-hop, R&B, HiNrg, House, Soul, Motown, Northern Soul, Indie, Rock, Britpop, Disco, Funk, EDM, Pop, and Party Waltzes.
(Please Note: We reserve the right to deviate from a specific playlist if it's in the interest of maintaining the dancefloor. Then returning to your playlist afterwards.)

Is There A Cut Off To The Planning Portal?

Yes. You will be logged out 48hrs prior to your event date. This allows time for our prep.
You can now share your Tidal playlist with us. Tidal has been integrated into our DJ software. However Beatgrids are not supported, therefore we can't beat-mix those tunes.
You can transfere playlists between Tidal and any other playlist provider with

What Music Would You Reccommend?

To keep a dance floor busy, we suggest including your guests requests during the music planning process.
Although you may love Hip-Hop or progressive rock, however a wedding isn't the time to show off your discerning music tastes. Simply send your guests the link by email or message. Remember you retain full control over what is requested.

How Do We Find Songs To Request?

Login to your client portal and select "Music Planning".
Type the first few words of the song in the search box, the results are displayed in real time. Now click a corresponding check button.

The Song We Want Is Not Found

On the Music Planning page, click the green "Custom Button", enter the song details and save.

Do You Use Good Equipment?

We use Allen & Heath mixing, Traktor Pro 3 for music, OtsAV Enterprise for video, and EV Evolve sound.
The lighting is ultra-modern from manufactures such as Chauvet and Fusion, and complimented by LG TV Screens to ensure the best mobile disco experience.

Volume Levels?

To combat excessive volume levels, our output is multi-band compressed. This means the volume cannot go beyond a pre-set threshold, similar to radio stations.

Will You Play Extra?

Yes we will. Extra hours are £50.00 per half hour, and all continuations must be prior cleared with the venue holder.

Health & Safety?

Public Liability and PAT certificates are available within your client planning portal.
A link to Motiv-8's Heath & Safety policy is provided under the heading " Useful Links "

Who will be our DJ?

Firstly we do not sub-contract, or sell your booking to another disco company. If you book Motiv-8 Mike Wild will be your DJ.

How Do You Take Payments?

We require a 50% reservation fee, which is payable after you have received your written booking acknowledgement, and the optional 14-day cooling off period has elapsed.
Payments are by Bank Transfere, Visa, Apple Pay or PayPal. Payment details are written into your agreement. Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal payments are processed within your Client Planning Portal.

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