Motiv-8 disco Cumbria. This is our story, the Motiv-8 story, beginning back in 1980.

About Motiv-8

This Is Our Story

About Motiv-8

This Is Our Story

Our Story - DJ Mike Wild

I have been a DJ since 1980. I built my first DJ console during woodwork lessons at Lairthwaite School in Keswick.
It featured TUAC Voyager Mixer, Garrard Turntables, and two TUAC 100w Amp Moduals.
I started out with the name Love Express Disco to gain traction in the wedding market. Business snowballed and I quickly became established with a number Keswick venues: The Derwentwater Hotel, The Keswick Hotel, The Ladstock Hotel, The Keswick Resturant, and later the Armathathwaite Hall Hotel.
Keswick Resturant 1982
Keswick Resturant 1982
Following a short stint on BBC Local Radio, and three summer seasons working overseas in Corfu and Spain, I returned home to Cumbria to follow my passion of full-time party DJ.


I had moved to Workington and was in receipt of a Princess Trust Business Grant, and as a result the Mike Wild Roadshow was born.
I invested the funds in equipment, with one aim - to be Numero Uno in Cumbria.
As business grew the need for smaller satellite discos became apparent, and with family help two identical mini discos were deployed. They were named Flashdance and Flashpoint disco, and bookings for each exceeded my expectations.
Mike Wild Roadshow 1989
Rafters Bar, Keswick.


During 1992 I advertised the Mike Wild Disco Services on Border TV.
The Mike Wild Roadshow gained a cyan 500mw laser, additional Bose speakers, and extra lighting.
Flashdance and Flashpoint discos both received new digital amplifiers and speakers.
Mike Wild Roadshow 1992
Westland Hotel Loungbar 1991
Lounge Bar, Westland Hotel 1991
A view behind Flashdance Disco
The DJ Tech 1992


After graduating at Carlisle University studying TV and Media. I took the business in a fresh direction.
  • Flashdance and Flashpoint discos were sold.
  • Renamed the Mike Wild Roadshow to Advance Disco with a new Nexo Sound System, and video screen.
  • I started a Wedding Video Service using the skills I learned at Uni.
  • Upgraded Cumbria Race Nights to DVDs.
  • Renamed the business to Motiv-8 Video & Disco.
disco 2004
Disco 2003
Royal Ascot Pavillions
Royal Ascot Pavillions 2004
Touch Screen Requests
Touch Screen Requests 2002

2002 - 2007

While Advance Disco remained steady, I promoted the Race Night Service towards the corporate market with internet search giant Yahoo. (At the time only three race night services were listed on Yahoo in the UK.)
As a result race bookings exploded nationally, and Motiv-8's jockey team travelled up and down the country during weekdays, and (myself) in Cumbria filming weddings and DJing at weekends.


Advance Disco was revamped with new (DMX) programmed lighting, and a large screen uniquely built-in to the DJ booth.


Photo sharing to let party guests to upload photos (within a local private network), they are then shared on-screen.


We added many new Advance disco add-ons; First dance cam, the childrens interactive games, and the photo selfie frame.


Nitebeat Disco was introduced in 2019; a similar looking disco to Advance disco with a smaller footprint.
Advance Disco became a package which now includes all addon options to provide a hi-end disco solution.
We also replaced the built-in video screen, for a 110cm LG TV and switcher.

Covid-19 Period

During the Covid restriction we folded the Wedding Video Service.
The Motiv-8 website was overhauled with Bootstrap 5 design elements.
All our music was re-encoded from original the CDs to uncompressed FLAC format, providing amazing sound quality.
We began our new Wedding PA service for speeches after receiving a Covid-19 Kickstarter grant.


Re-coded Advance Disco Package's Photo (selfie) service as a web page. This service allows party guess to use their phones to upload photos and request music in a safe enviroment.
You can learn more about Motiv-8's history on the Motiv-8 Disco Blog.

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