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Wedding Projection Screen

I am delighted to announce my new bespoke wedding DJ projection TV screen service which will enhance and personalise your wedding or event.
The new versatile DJ projection screen is now part of my DJ Console. With it's stylish look, your wedding is taken to the next level of uniqueness.
  • Imagine your new name or even a slideshow displayed as your guests enter the room.
  • Music videos now create a real centre piece on the dance floor.
  • The photos I take are shown live.
  • Wedding photos taken by your guests are shown for all to enjoy.
  • The screening of your wedding preview video in the evening, beautifully set to your first dance music - Totally awesome!
  • Enjoy a video slideshow during your bridal dances. Produced from the photos you provide.
  • Children's interactive games, all controlled by hand movements.

Did You Know

During a survey of newly weds, many couples said their entertainment was among the least of their priorities.
Yet, just one week after their wedding, nearly 80% said they would have made the entertainment a top priority.