Wedding DJ Video Booth

Now Available in Cumbria

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Wedding DJ Video Booth

I am delighted to announce my new concept. A versitile wedding DJ video booth, which will enhance and transform your wedding or event.
The unique features are directly built-in to the DJ video booth. With it's stylish look, your wedding is taken to the next level of uniqueness.
A Few Features:
  • Imagine your new names displayed while your guests enter the room.
  • Music videos to create a real centre piece on the dance floor.
  • The photos I take, are shown live within seconds.
  • Wedding photos taken by your guests are shown for all to enjoy.
  • A video slideshow show during your bridal dances, or father & daughter dance.
  • Children's interactive activities, all controlled by on-screen hand movements.

First Dance Cam

Your guests will love the live video feed shown during your Bridal Dances and Father & Daughter dance.
We can film this from either the front of the DJ booth or from another unique perspective, depending on the room layout.
A few days following your wedding, a download link will be sent pointing to your professionally edited video, so you can enjoy on your honeymoon and share with your family on Social Media.