Wedding PA System

Wedding DJ Advice

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Wedding Breakfast PA System

If you are hiring a barn or a marquee for your wedding, a wedding PA system for your speeches is recommended.
Our Wedding PA System comes with dedicated hand-held Sennheiser radio microphones, discreet (bluetooth capable) EV speakers, and gentle background music which is played whilst your guests are eating.
The system can easily be linked to sound recorders, so professional audio can be delivered to videographers. We can also provide you with audio copy of your speeches on USB.

Music Request Advice

Whether you hire a band or a disco, if you want a true bespoke service to keep the dance floor packed, plan a playlist tailored to your guests, not just the two of you. You may love 1990's hip-hop, but your wedding isn't the time to show off your discerning music tastes. Please, mix in a few of your favorites, but don't leave out the past and present hits, otherwise you risk an empty dance floor.

Wedding Guest Participation Ideas

  • Your guests may like to share their wedding photographs for all to view, quickly and easily by connecting to Motiv-8's secure network from their mobile phones.
  • There comes a time when things can only be solved with a good old-fashioned dance off. You know the rules: men on one side, ladies on the other, and anything goes.
  • The Bride and Groom dance off is brilliant. Allow us to arrange the music, sending yourselves a prior-copy to practice your moves.
  • Sing For Your Supper: Each table thinks of a song with the word 'Love' in it, then as a group they sing the song before they go to the buffet.
Wedding guests dancing, Golf Club Whitehaven

Mr & Mrs Game

This is so simple to organise.
The bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Each removes their shoes, so that the groom holds his own shoe and one of the bride's, and vice versa for the bride.
I then read the questions for the entire wedding party to hear. In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person who the answer to the question best represents.
To get your guests more involved and connected, have them submit questions into a box prior to the start of the game.
For preset question examples, consider the following:
  • Who is up first in the morning?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?
  • Who apologizes first after an argument?
  • Who said "i love you" first?

Other Ideas

Bicep squeeze, the paper bag game, and hula hoops.