Wedding DJ Armathwaite Hall Hotel, Kewsick. Reliable disco with your choice of music, and great wedding party atmosphere.

Armathwaite Hall Hotel

Great Wedding DJ & Disco

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Armathwaite Hall Hotel wedding first dance
Great wedding celebration from 2019
Everybody dancing at the Armathwaite Hall Hotel
Small wedding with with plenty of dancing
Armathwaite Hall Hotel wedding dj
A lovely small wedding from 2019.
Full dance floor at Armathwaite Hall Hotel
A wedding with the prop box.

Hotel History

Current owners,of the Armathwaite Hall Hotel are the Graves family, who bought the Hotel from the Wivells family in 1976.
Motiv-8 Disco has been a wedding DJ at the Armathwaite hall since 1991.
The Broadwater suite which opened in 2009 has a stunning atmosphere, and certainly looks and feels the part.
There is no stage for entertainment, yet the function suite must be one of the best in the Lake District. There is ample space even for large bands.

Wedding DJ Armathwaite Hall Hotel

Your Armathwaite Hall wedding DJ and their equipment will be a fundamental part of your day.
Always ensure you see photos of their equipment setup.
If you see messy wires hanging from disco lights, wires wrapped around speaker poles, or cables not taped to the floor, then you should avoid.
Again, if there is only two disco lights, looking rather drab - Avoid, as you may end up with a similar setup.
Motiv-8 is always ahead with great innovation.
  • We run a small isolated server, allowing guests to share wedding photos on screen.
  • All lighting is DMX operated from a tablet.
  • The speaker system controlled via bluetooth.
  • All our music is volume compressed within each FLAC file.
  • Many AHK scripts keep everything in sync.
Our DJ projection console is elegant at the Armathwaite Hall. It is popular for father & daughter dances too.

Wedding DJ and Music

I have been a wedding DJ since leaving school in 1980.
It is a privilege working in such a beautiful area, coupled with the joy of doing what i love.
Music is the most importaint factor. As music tastes differ, so does the level of involvement.
Many couples who marry at the Armathwaite Hall Hotel prefer communicating digitally, and Motiv-8's online planning tools fit the meeds perfect.
I'm always polite, and happy to assist with planning your wedding disco at the Armathwaite Hall, and offer various options to enhance your fun.
  • Search our music database and form your own playlists. Save as you go for continued progress later.
  • A DJ planner is essential for the smooth running of any wedding. Available within your Planning Tools.
  • We have a high level of maintance - If something needs attention, it's done the next day.
First dance at Armathwaite Hall Hotel.
Regional finalist awards.