How to organise and play wedding speech bingo, and Motiv-8 will provide the service for you.

Wedding Speech Bingo

100% Bespoke Game

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Wedding Bingo

In many countries like Germany it is traditional to include games at a wedding. It encourages guests to mix.
Motiv-8 provides Wedding Bingo during your speeches in Cumbria.

Quick Instructions

  • Let us know 25 phrases that will be mentioned during your wedding speeches. (We can chat with your Bestman a few days prior to obtain these.)
  • We will print the cards free. (Example seen oppersite.)
  • Before the meal (to provide a talking point for your guests), we will place one card at every other place setting, along with a pen.
  • You will need to prior arrange a couple of prizes for your winners. We suggest a bottle of champagne or drinks.
  • Before your speeches we will explain how it will work, and the rules of the game.
Your guests will need to keep their ears peeled for the phrases or clichés on their card. Then mark off each one as it is spoken.
The first person to shout BINGO with a full line or house wins.
Wedding Speech Bingo includes:
  • Free printed cards. (Printed on white paper. Coloured paper at cost.)
  • Link with our NiteBeat Disco or book indivudally.
  • Quiz master with PA system.
  • Pens provided.
Wedding Speech Bingo
Example of a Bingo Card