small wedding entertainment package
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Small Wedding Entertainment

Small Wedding Entertainment Solution

Motiv-8 offers a complete entertainment package for small weddings in Cumbria and the Lake District.
This type of package is rare at weddings, and is often never considered. Yet, it generates 100% total guest involvment - What more do you want?

The Package Includes

The wedding entertainment package is a team based fun money race event with a Disco, Video Quiz, or Karaoke afterwards.
The format is re-designed specifically for small weddings of up to 50 persons.

How It Works

Bets are placed using our unique Fun Credit Cards.
Wedding entertainment packaget
  • Guests will play in teams (or tables).
  • Each team nominates a ‘runner’ to place their bets using their card.
  • Each team start with 1000 credits, therefore guests of all ages can play.
  • At the end a prize is given to the winning team.

What Does It Cost?

We appreciate small weddings have smaller budgets, and a midweek event is almost half price (Monday - Thursday.) Click here for your quote

The Entertainment

The small wedding entertainment package is fully contained with eveything provided, leaving you free to mingle with your guests.
This is a fun filled small wedding package, with a disco, video quiz, or karaoke included. Only available in Cumbria at this price.
Amazing wedding entertainment, designed upwards to involve every guest.
Please call for details about our video quiz option.