Great party for your Cumbria wedding. Ideas include video booth, display of wedding photos, wedding highlights, photo booth, and much more.

Wedding Party Ideas

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Wedding guests dancing at Whitehaven's Golf Club

Photo Booth

Hire the photo booth for your event. Including; hats, inflatables, wigs, medals, glasses, tickling sticks, garlands, capes, maraccas, and other items.

Wedding Breakfast PA System

If you are hiring a barn or a marquee for your wedding? Then a wedding PA system for your speeches is recommended.
Our Wedding PA has dedicated hand-held EV radio microphones, discreet (bluetooth capable) EV speakers, and gentle background music which is played whilst your guests are eating.
The system can easily be linked to sound recorders, so professional audio can be delivered to videographers, or you may like to keep the audio as a keepsake?

Photo Snaps

I will take photos, and short videos of your guests dancing. They are then instantly shown on screen for everyone to enjoy. Later you will have the opportunity to buy all the photos and the full length party video.

Birthday Photos

Rather than scattering printed photographs around the walls, turn them into a real focal point with a slideshow for all to enjoy. Included with the Motiv-8 Disco Package

Selfie Photo Frame

Selfie Photo Frame (as seen in the picture) comes complete with the Prop Box, containing hats, inflatables, wigs, medals, glasses, tickling sticks, garlands, capes, maraccas, and other items. Included with the Motiv-8 Disco Package

Star-Lit Dance Floor HIre

Our 4.2 meter square white star-lit dance floor will help provide the WOW factor at your event.
The dance floor is non-slip, and looks amazing in larger venues.
The dance floor cannot be deduced in size. This add-on is priced at £600.00

Idea One

There comes a time when things can only be solved with a good old-fashioned dance off. You know the rules: men on one side, ladies on the other, and anything goes.

Idea Two

Mr & Mrs Game is so simple to organise.
The bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Each removes their shoes, and the groom holds his own shoe and one of the bride's, and vice versa for the bride.
I will read questions for the entire wedding party to hear. In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person who the answer to the question best represents.
A few preset questions are:
  • Who is up first in the morning?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?
  • Who apologizes first after an argument?
  • Who said "i love you" first?

Other Ideas

Bicep squeeze, the paper bag game, and hula hoops.
Starlit dance floor
Selfie photo booth
Video booth at Armathwaite hall hotel