NiteBeat Mobile Disco & DJ Services for Weddings, Parties, and Corporate Events. Mobile throughout Cumbria and Dumfries.

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Our Aim

During the last few years bookings for the Advance Disco Package has doubled.
Although this is good news we can still improve by attracting more clients who prefer a lower cost mobile disco.

Lower Cost - How?

After hours of meticulous brainstorming to lower pricing for a Motiv-8 mobile disco in Cumbria. The bottom line was always the time spent setting up, and taking down of equipment.
NiteBeat Disco solved these fundamental areas, and is both high quality and great value.

High Quality Mobile Disco

NiteBeat Disco includes; Evolve EV Sound, All-in-one lighting system, and industry standard Allen & Heath mixing.
Comprehensive client planning tools with on-line payments are also included.
NiteBeat Disco is available for bookings in these great locations;
  • Cumbria
  • The Lake District
  • South-west Scotland
NiteBeat Mobile Disco is similar in many ways to it's larger brother Advance Disco. However, with NiteBeat the set-up and take-down times have been reduced to under 20 minutes from the van for most venues.
This time-saving measure reduces the time spent at the venue, and the saving is passed on to our clients.
NiteBeat Disco provides excellent quality, low cost, and comes complete with an experienced DJ with over 35 years experience.

Wedding Guest Singers

We have specialist equipment to allow single singers and their equipment to play through our EV Evolve speakers. This arrangement simplifies set-up and may provide greater dance floor space.
NiteBeat Disco.
NiteBeat disco setup

Disco Differences

For a comprehensive overview of our two discos, please follow this link. Disco Differences