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Dancing at Anvil Hall Gretna


The Famous Blacksmiths Shop at Grenta Green is what made Gretna Green famous.
Marrying at Gretna Green is more than just a wedding. It is an exclusive club of Anvil Brides and Grooms.

Gretna Green Wedding Venues

Over the years we have played in all Gretna wedding venues from Smiths Hotel at Grenta Green, to fabulous memorable events at Gretna Hall Hotel.

Wedding DJ Gretna Green

Motiv-8 Disco has been a wedding celebration specialist for well over 30 years, and well versed in Gretna Weddings.
We have excellent knowledge of all music genres, as well as invaluable wedding DJ experience.
We are full-time skilled DJs, fully contained, 'suited & booted', and ready to make all those important announcements.

Motiv-8 Wedding Disco Package

Our Wedding DJ package is an all inclusive disco package. Totally designed to take your wedding to the next level.
  • Your guests can share their wedding photos from any mobile.
  • On-line party planning tools to avoid meeting up.
  • Optional video facilities with built-in screen.
  • If you'd like to know more, please get in touch or call: 07879422938